VIZBI 2021

Visualizing Biological Data 2021 Art & Biology

From March 24-26 the VIZBI conference virtually took place at the EMBL in Heidelberg. We were designing and hosting the space for VIZBI. The conference included an Art & Biology event hosted by David Goodsell, coming with a DJ session with DJ David Jackson. We got a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

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The image shows the overview of the VIZBI 2021 main area.

SpaceCHI 2021

SpaceCHI : Human-Computer Interaction for Space Exploration

Our position paper “Decoupled Communication System for Long-Duration Space Missions?” has been accepted as a talk for the SpaceCHI 2021 workshop at the Annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Dr Chang Hee Lee will be giving a talk to the SpaceCHI workshop at MIT Media Lab, May 14, 2021| EST 09:00-4:00.

IDE Superform 2021 SHOW

Innovation Design Engineering exhibiting 45 chairs

From February 19 to 21, our amazing Innovation & Engineering Design Students will showcase their work at the virtual Superform 2021 SHOW. 45 chairs designed by the students are exhibited in the virtual space. The digital show will happen on enabling interactive exploration of the virtual chairs and serendipitous conversations. Each student designed her/his own room around the corresponding chair.

The top image shows the show’s afterparty where students and tutors had conversation in Gather. The bottom image shows 50% of the IDE1 Superform spaceship.

Stereoscopic Displays & Applications 2021

Hybrid stereoscopic photography

We will present at the Stereoscopic Displays & Applications XXXII (part of Electronic Imaging 2021) new work on 3D-stereoscopic photography at January 18 2021. A simple Android app was created which can be used to align two reflex cameras. The associated paper will be published during this year.

In addition, we will give an update on our Immersive Design Engineering paper published last year.

Immersive design engineering
B Sommer, CH Lee, N Martin, VS Torrisi
Electronic Imaging 2020 (2), 265-1-265-16

We also organized the Stereoscopic Displays & Applications 2021 demo session using where we showcased our work.